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11 Annual Report 2015-16 Download (4.6 MB) pdf
12 Delegation of Financial Powers to the Head of Department as per Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1978 Download (1.86 MB) pdf
13 Signing of MOU by Dept. of Pharma on Promoting research under IMPRINT, a flagship program of Ministry of Human Recourse & Development Download (5.98 MB) pdf
14 Indian Pharma Awards - 2016(Revised) Download (391.59 KB) pdf
15 Achievements of Department of Pharmaceuticals during last two years Download (127.97 KB) pdf
16 Guidelines on annual Peer Review of and by NIPERs Download (907.09 KB) pdf
17 High Trade margin Report Download (6.51 MB) pdf
18 Inviting comments for finalization of Recruitment Rule for Technical Posts Download (327.17 KB) pdf
19 Corrigendum Report of the Task Force Download (547.24 KB) pdf
20 First India Pharma Awards 2015 Download (3.11 MB) pdf