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21 Inviting comments for finalization of Recruitment Rule for Technical Posts Download (327.17 KB) pdf
22 Corrigendum Report of the Task Force Download (547.24 KB) pdf
23 First India Pharma Awards 2015 Download (3.11 MB) pdf
24 Report of the Task Force on 'Development of Manufacturing Capabilities in each Medical Vertical in Pharmaceutical Production'." Download (944.82 KB) pdf
25 Report of Committee on Patented drugs Download (5.14 MB) pdf
26 Salient Features of the recommendations of the Katoch Committee Report on APIs Download (1.33 MB) pdf
27 India Pharma Awards Download (181.99 KB) pdf
28 Constitution of Inter-Ministerial Coordination Committee for addressing issues of Pharma Industry Download (558.29 KB) pdf
29 Hathi_Committee_report_1975 Download (14.14 MB) pdf
30 Recommendations of the Task Force on Enabling Private Sector to Lead the Growth of Pharmaceutical Industry Download (882.02 KB) pdf