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Sr. no. Title Details/Download Publish Date
301 Review Order in respect of MS Albert David Ltd.- NPPA Notification No. S.O.1819 (E) Download (67.49 KB) pdf 21/06/2013
302 Review order in respect of Ms Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited - NPPA Order. No. S.O.1625 (E) and 1653 (E) dt. 14.06.2013, 1803(E), 1811 (E), 1817(E) dt. 21.06.2013 Download (157.05 KB) pdf 21/06/2013
303 Review petition of Reddy Laboratories Limited against NPPA order S.O. NO.1829 (E) Download (114.37 KB) pdf 21/06/2013
304 Review petitions of Ms Zydus Healthcare against NPPA orders S.O.No1620(E), 1635(E), 1636(E), 1653(E), 1667(E) dt. 14.6.13, 1810(E), 1811(E) and 1829(E) dt. 21.6.2013 Download (62.08 KB) pdf 21/06/2013
305 Review order in respect of Ms IPCA Laboratories Ltd -NPPA notification S.O. No.1655 Download (97.84 KB) pdf 14/06/2013
306 Review Order in respect of Ms Adcock Ingram Healthcare- NPPA Notification No. S.O.1657 (E) Download (97.74 KB) pdf 14/06/2013
307 Review petition of Win-Medicare Private Limited against NPPA order S.O.NO.1652(E) Download (122.8 KB) pdf 14/06/2013
308 Review petition of Ms Modi Mundipharma Private Ltd. against NPPA order S.O.NO. 1651(E) Download (83.92 KB) pdf 14/06/2013
309 Review Order in respect of Ms Bharat Serum and Vaccine Ltd. S.O. No.3350 (E) Download (278.59 KB) pdf 11/05/2013
310 Review order in respect review petition of Ms Syncom Healthcare Ltd. against S.O. 1339(E) pursuant to Delhi Court Order Download (171.45 KB) pdf 05/04/2013