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National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)

1 Name of the Authority National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
2 Date of Establishment August 1997
3 Address 3rd/5th Floor, YMCA Cultural Centre Building,1, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi – 110 001
4 Telephone Fax 23345118, 23345122, 23746652

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority was set up as an attached office of the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals (now Department of Pharmaceuticals since July, 2008) on 29th August 1997. It has been entrusted inter-alia, with the following functions

  1. To implement and enforce the provisions of the Drugs Price Control Order (DPCO), 1995/2013  in accordance with the powers delegated to it.
  2. To undertake and/or sponsor relevant studies in respect of pricing of drugs/formulations.
  3. To monitor the availability of drugs, identify shortages, if any, and to take remedial steps.
  4. To collect/maintain data on production, exports and imports, market share of individual companies, profitability of companies etc. for bulk drugs and formulations.
  5. To deal with all legal matters arising out of the decisions of the Authority.
  6. To render advice to the Central Government on changes/revisions in the drug policy.
  7. To render assistance to the Central Government in the parliamentary matters relating to the drug pricing.
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